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The International Club of Costa Brava brings people together of all nationalities to socialize and enjoy a wide variety of activities.

Interest areas range from golf to cooking, book club, wine tasting, cultural events, walking, excursions, annual seasonal dinners, quiz night and a car rally.

Groups meet anywhere from monthly, quarterly to annually. The common language used is English.


We are always looking for new members to join in the fun and willing to contribute their time and energy. Club International was founded over forty years ago and has continued to expand in the years since.

New members are the heart of the club; they bring new ideas and enthusiasm that is vital to the clubs continued growth and success.

We welcome you to join in on one of our activities to see if the club is the right fit for you. Please note, annual dues are 35€ per member. Email with any questions you may have or to request an introduction.

If you would like to apply, click here.

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